Wednesday, July 15, 2015


From Esther's FB:
Sorry for the late update but flow cytometry tests have revealed no evidence of disease! We are beyond thankful for this news. We will be treating Ava's issues as GVHD and will move ahead with steroid treatment. She will be on the same dose as she was previously on with her gut GVH. Thank you for interceding on our behalf!
Praise the Lord! Although we prefer that Ava could avoid going back on steroids, we celebrate that her symptoms are not due to relapse! We rejoice together and thank God for your prayers and support!

Your continued prayers for a relatively uneventful recovery and quick taper off steroids is greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said... go girl! Gwen...hang in there! Jude....keep smiling! Esther and Mike...your courage, strength and faith are limitless!
Love to you all,
Chris Straszewski

Anonymous said...

We are all 'relieved' and sooo very thankful it's not that dreaded news. Thank you for your family's exemplary strength and courage displayed in the face of repeated trials. Ava and all of the Lee family are in our prayers! SK.