Monday, July 13, 2015

Pericardial Catheter Placement - Update

Last I heard (which was around 10am), Ava was next in line to get her pericardial catheter manipulation or replacement. (This is the catheter to drain around her heart). She had more fluid this morning and not much drainage, so this procedure is necessary.

No more information yet as to potential causes. Thank you for your prayers!

Update @ 4:20pm:
Thankfully, Ava's pericardial drain only needed to be manipulated in order to get all the fluid to drain properly. However, Ava's CMV virus has been reactivated, though it is currently at a low level. You may recall that the CMV is the dormant virus within Ava that, if activated, will need to be treated and watched to ensure that it doesn't disrupt her health or overwork her immune system any further.

No other news to report at this point.

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