Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ava and Gwen had the best time making s'mores in our fire pit. I am thankful tonight that she tells me she is a happy kid.

These days anxiety is setting in hard and fast as I see the suffering of those I love. I think of life without Ava and my throat closes up. It's been hard to physically take in a breath this last week.

Tomorrow (Wed, April 27) Ava goes in for her PET scan to see how well this round of chemo worked. If all is well, she will continue with the next part of treatment which is the skin radiation. Then we are headed back to Seattle for a second transplant. She has been complaining of pain in her shoulder. This is where there was a chloroma before so it's not good that she is feeling pain there...hopefully it is a strained muscle. But, by now, we know that pain always leads to not the greatest discoveries.

Please, if you could pray for a clean PET scan tomorrow (Wed April 27) we would be so thankful. Also please remember my friend Jai and her daughter Allistaire in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you!