Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Ava started chemo today in Chicago. The rest of us are still in Seattle getting ready to leave tomorrow. I found this picture and it brought me back to so many years ago when Ava used to be hospitalized for anaphylactic reactions and severe asthma attacks. We would grab her things, call 911, and be out the door with her teddy, Poby. He went everywhere with her but especially to the scary places like hospitals and ambulances. Over the years, he's been in CT-scans, PET scans, emergency rooms, sterile rooms, isolation wards, on gurneys, in hospital beds, in the operating room...

In those earlier years of her life, we weren't sure how she would survive her crazy allergies. But she did. And now she is allergy-free. Those of you who have watched as she was hospitalized again and again can attest to how miraculous this is for us.

In February 2014, Ava was diagnosed with Biphenotypic Leukemia, her cancer cells having characteristics of both ALL and AML. It is so rare that only 3% of all (pediatric and adult) leukemia cases fall into this type. They said her prognosis was poor. That was two years ago. She is still with us fighting today, Poby at her side.

After a successful transplant in 2014, she relapsed with aleukemic leukemia cutis almost one year out. The doctors said this type of relapse was not only rare, but really, really aggressive. Really. She's battling cancer for the second time, but now with a far more dismal chance at survival. Because relapse is bad, but relapse after transplant is worse, and relapse with leukemia cutis...well, that's just not fair.

Tonight, with Daddy by her side, and a whole world of people praying for her, Ava is going to kick some boo-tay with her first dose of her second round of chemo. Poby is still in Seattle with me due to a laundry mishap (as in, oops I forgot to do the laundry), but it won't matter. You see, Poby was my gift to her as a baby. A stuffed bear for my little bear. She doesn't have him right now but she has our love, all across these miles thinking of her, praying for her, loving her, wishing for her. That will be enough. Because Poby equals love, and we got that covered.
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