Sunday, April 17, 2016

While many of us have the privilege of tucking our children in for another night, after another day of normal bliss, my friend faces the beginning of the rest of her life without her precious one.

This is the end we have prayed against since the beginning of diagnosis. This is the cup we have asked the Lord to remove. Yet, in His sovereignty, He has called Jai to it. He may call Mike and I as well.

If you have known the joy of being a mother or a father, please extend yourheart and your hands toward my brave and godly friend, Jai, and her sweet girl, Allistaire. We pray radiant peace in her passing and great grace upon everyone who is left behind.

Maranatha Lord. Come quickly for us, the broken-hearted.

Please read and be encouraged by my sister's faith, and pray for their family during this desperate time. I ask that you not visit her blog unless you commit to praying for this family. Her words and her daughter's life deserve much honor. If you could please extend your respect and love by praying tonight, this minute, for Jai's family I would be eternally thankful.

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Anonymous said...

Pray for Jay.