Sunday, April 3, 2016

These girls have done really well despite the adversity they have seen at such tender ages. The credit goes to all of YOU and to God. Because the love. Oh the love was incredible.

Ava and Mike are on a flight to Chicago right now. Gwen, Jude, my Mother-in-law and myself will be following on Wednesday. We ask for prayers for safe travels especially as it is incredibly germy in the airports.

Seattle friends- thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing us that the body of Christ is very much alive and working. And thank you for the love; it has carried us far.

Chicago friends- we are coming home!!! Even though the main goal is to return to Seattle we are so grateful for a reprieve in the middle of this fight. Ava has quietly cried herself to sleep on several occasions because she was so homesick. Looks like God heard her tiny prayers. It will be good to see her alive and well in our will actually be a dream come true.
#weloveseattle #pippinherewecome

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