Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ava had a more active day yesterday, with visits from different services/disciplines in the hospital. She wasn't really up and about today and is still experiencing terrible stomach pains. The cause of her pain is still unclear. She threw up a few times today, which isn't helping her nutrition/weight. It seems the mere act of being upright is causing her nausea, so she's more inclined to stay in bed and not want to do much.

The good news is that Ava's last LP a few days ago didn't show sign of disease! (Apparently, she's had two LPs that were negative for disease since the initial one that showed relapse). Ava has another LP scheduled for tomorrow (Friday), and if that remains negative, then she won't need to have any more LPs done this treatment. Hooray!

Thanks for praying for:

  • resolution of GI pain and nausea
  • weight gain/keeping food down
  • increased activity/strengthening
  • healing and effective preparation for whatever God has in store next
Thanks for all your prayers and support!

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