Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chemo is Finished

Ava's last day of chemo was today with her one dose of Mylotarg. She also had another LP (lumbar puncture). Today was another mostly sleeping day; Ava's been having a lot of GI pain again which they are thinking might be due to the stents she has in her ureters.  :( Pain meds may need to be adjusted again. Ava's muscles have atrophied quite a bit with all the time she's spent in bed, so she feels too weak to get up and walk (plus it hurts), even though that's what she needs to do to help rebuild her muscles. Ava's cold sores seem to be holding steady for now - they're not spreading any more - thanks for praying that they will not cause any problems while she is immunosuppressed.

Gwen will get to play hooky from school tomorrow (Wed) because she's really missing mommy whom she hasn't seen in 2 days. Attempts to Facetime with the kids often doesn't work properly because WiFi in the room isn't all that great or reliable.

They are saying that it might take 4-6 weeks for Ava's counts to recover, so Ava may remain in the hospital a good while longer. Please pray:

  • For this round of chemo to be effective - MRD negative!
  • For Ava's GI pain to resolved
  • For Ava's ability to ambulate, gradually rebuilding her muscles
  • For Gwen and Jude as they deal with transition, and for Esther's parents who tirelessly give of themselves for the kids/family
  • For Mike & Esther: wisdom, patience, perseverance and peace around treatment decisions, caring for the kids, commuting between Milwaukee & home; physical and spiritual rest.
  • For continued faith and surrender to God's plans, whatever they are, resting in His unfailing love.
  • For God to be glorified always!
The meal schedule has been extended through October, but let's pray that Ava will be out of the hospital before then! Please read the meal schedule instructions carefully, as some changes have been made.

Thanks for your prayers and loving support!


Anonymous said...

Thank You Patty for your tireless and faithful updates !

Anonymous said...

Praying for Ava and the Lee family.