Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Meal Schedule Update 2

** Please note that for some reason, blogger sent out emails to subscribers this morning with this post back from September as if it was a new post. I don't know why. Nothing new was posted nor was this post updated. I apologize for any confusion!


Thanks for the amazing meal train support! Some more information has been added to the meal sign up. Here are the highlights:
  • If you are ordering a meal remotely to have it delivered, please let Esther or Mike know if you have included tip for the delivery person. Otherwise, they will be prepared to tip the person upon receipt of the food. (Sometimes the delivery person may be unaware that tip was already included and expect to be tipped again).
  • If you decide to order a meal through the website (, know that meals are shipped frozen via FedEx; they strongly advise against shipping directly to the hospital, as the hospital typically isn't equipped to allow recipients to heat up the food (e.g. use a stove or oven). Moreover, hospital processing of mail/packages for individual patients may be slower than desired. Instead, you can ship these frozen meals to Liz Woo McCabe, whose address is listed in the meal sign-up details. She will take care of heating/delivering the meals to the Lee family. Thanks, Liz!

* If you already ordered a meal through,
don't worry, your food has already been rerouted to ship to Liz instead.

Liz has also graciously offered to pick up and deliver any meals ordered by people out-of-town. This opens up more restaurant options, as not every place is in delivery range of the hospital. For your convenience, we are working on a list of area restaurants to choose from and we will post that as soon as we have it ready. Thanks for your patience and support!

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