Monday, September 12, 2016

Meal Schedule Update

I spoke with the hospital and confirmed procedure for delivering food. Information is updated on the Meal Schedule link. Still gathering other info as we go along, so if other needs arise, I'll share them.

Thanks for your continued prayers! Ava is currently getting an ECHO test done, not sure what else.

By the way, they were in wonderful disbelief at how amazing the house looked when they got home this morning. They are SO appreciative to everyone who helped make it a loving, clean home to come home to. For those who were unable to help (or were pre-empted by the crew that finished so quickly), know that your prayers and love for them are just as appreciated. Thank you! Not sure what the medical plan is at this point from the consult, but your continual prayers are appreciated.

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kristn b said...

Are the littles at the hospital too? How will they eat? I'm not familiar with the area does anyone know what's near?