Friday, July 25, 2014

Biopsy Results

Just heard from the doctor: Ava's blasts are at 0.25%. Apparently, this is a decrease from the last biopsy. While we understood Ava's blasts to be 0.2% last time, the pathologist has on record that her blasts were actually 0.3%, so the 0.25% is a slight decrease from previous.

While it is not the MRD negative we continue to pray for, the docs aren't too surprised given that Ava essentially had another round of the same chemotherapy as last time with no new drugs. So they are glad that Ava's blasts continue to trend downward, and they plan to move to the next phase of "maintenance" where Ava will receive high-dose methotrexate (MTX). After this next round, they want to see that her blasts continue to trend downward, not remaining the same or increasing.

The MTX administration will be one week on, and roughly one week off (or until Ava's numbers start to rebound). Then she'll get another week of MTX, with one week off/rebound. This will continue until four weeks of MTX are completed, which can take about 2 months overall. I believe these administrations will also require an inpatient stay because of its toxicity, as they need to monitor Ava until the drug clears her system.

Ava will have the next week off from chemo before starting the MTX. I may resurrect the Google doc to solicit help in providing meals at the hospital, but I will let you know after we have a better idea of when Ava is scheduled for chemo and how long she might end up staying.

Thank you for your perseverance in prayer and support for the Lee family!

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Thank you for the updates. We'll keep praying.