Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spiking a Fever

Mike & Esther are on their way to the ER with Ava right now, this time for a fever. She had a temp of 99 earlier, but then it climbed up to 102. With Ava's ANC really low (50), she isn't really able to fight infection, and any fever needs to be evaluated.

This is a discouraging development, seeing as they were just at the hospital for chemo yesterday (not to mention over the weekend), and knowing that Ava was supposed to go in tomorrow to evaluate her need for blood/platelet transfusions. It is unclear how this fever would affect her transfusions (i.e. if they have to be delayed), thereby further extending the hospital stay.

Please pray for:
  • quick resolution of Ava's fever
  • no need for transfusions
  • quick return home
  • peace and encouragement in the spirits of the entire Lee family
Gwen was sad to see Ava/her parents go, and Ava's sad to have to return to the hospital. We know that God is in control and His grace is evident. May the Lord's presence bring a palpable peace, unexplainable in tough times and giving strength in our weakness. May He bring the good that only He can in all circumstances! Thank you so much for walking with us.


Anonymous said...

Yep. This family's in our prayers and thoughts. Praying for God to continue to lead, guide, strengthen and heal completely.

Lydia said...

Praying tonight for your sweet girl....thank you for sharing so specifically. Immanuel.