Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finishing Up this Round

Ava finished up this round of chemo today, which means that she will likely get a bone marrow biopsy sometime next week and see where she is.

They decided that from this point on, any time Ava needs a platelet transfusion, she will be admitted to the PICU for administration there. They will also hyperconcentrate the platelets, shortening the overall administration time. Ava was originally going to get both a blood transfusion AND a platelet transfusion today due to low levels, but they ended up sending her home to wait it out. They are hoping that her body will rebound on its own, without the need for either transfusion.

The plan is to return to Lurie's on Thursday to check her levels again. If Ava does need transfusion(s), she will receive them in the PICU, but will also need to be admitted/stay for 24 hours afterward. (That's the downside to getting transfusions in the PICU; it would require a 24-hour stay).

Please pray that Ava's numbers would increase by Thursday so that she wouldn't need any transfusion! We also continue to pray for complete remission, MRD negative with this next bone marrow biopsy.

Thank you for standing with the Lee family. Your prayers are so appreciated!

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