Saturday, July 12, 2014


Ava is home!!! Apparently Ava's platelets were high enough to send her home, she didn't need to get any more platelets today! The doctor didn't have any explanation as to why her platelets were as high as they were, given that she came in at less than 5 and received so little of the transfusion. (Her platelets were 36 or 37 today, passing the threshold of 20 to go home). We praise God for doing another wondrous work in bypassing the need for any more platelets and getting Ava stable enough to go home. Thank you, thank you for each of your prayers. All glory to God!


Anonymous said...

Sweet victory! Thank you for this update.

Anonymous said...

yayyy! go ava! prayers will keep coming your way, lee family :)

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Ava once again, through the Grace of God make it through another reaction to platelets. The power of prayer is upon the Lee family! I can't wait to see the girl's smiling faces at school.....Mrs. S.