Saturday, July 12, 2014

Still Needing Platelets

Ava had another reaction to the platelet transfusion last night, and it was bad. She reacted pretty much immediately to the infusion: coughing (meaning hard to breathe), body covered in hives and flushed face/legs, intense itching/scratching... except she would bleed from scratching because she didn't have enough platelets.

She is stable now, but her reaction seems to get progressively worse each time she has one. And she still needs platelets today. She will likely need platelets in the future as well. Please pray for wisdom for the medical team in discerning how to give Ava platelets in a safe manner, both today and in the future. We thank God for taking Ava (and Mike & Esther) through the evening. May His presence continue to be known in the valley. We continue praying for healing. We look to God for guidance. We continue praying for God to receive all glory through everything, for He alone is worthy.

Thank you for praying.

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