Thursday, July 17, 2014

Transfusions Today - Update

Ava still has a low-grade fever, around 99. She was transferred to PICU around 3am, so everyone's tired. To Ava's dismay, they also gave her another IV line there so they would have another access just in case something happened.

Ava is currently a little more than halfway through her blood transfusion (takes 4 hours), and then she'll be getting a platelet transfusion after that. Not sure when projected discharge might be.

We pray for incident-free transfusions, fever resolution and clearance to go home soon. :) Thank you!

Update at 4:35pm -
Transfusions went well, thank you for praying! Ava received the full dose of both transfusions, and is getting some energy back. She was finally allowed to eat something, so that's good! (She hadn't eaten anything since yesterday's lunch). As far as fever/potential infection, Ava's blood cultures are negative (hooray), and she's been fever-free for a couple of hours. Ava needs to be fever-free for 48 hrs before being discharged, so possibly Saturday morning for discharge?

Mike is picking up Gwen so she'll be able to spend the night with Esther at the Ronald McDonald house tonight and not feel so left out. :) Thank you for your continued prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Ava! You are a strong girl and He is watching over you and your family!
Mrs. S.

Anonymous said...

Praise God !! This piece of news is encouraging ! You are ever in our prayers.