Saturday, November 22, 2014


Ava just had an anaphylactic reaction... possibly to the lipids? It hasn't been determined just yet.

She had stomach pains and difficulty breathing, but it was hard to assess if it was mucositis and anxiety at first... but she was really working hard to breathe and her oxygen saturation dropped and she eventually vomited. She got the Epi-Pen, she's on steroids, Benadryl, and just finished a one-hour albuterol treatment.

She's resting now and seems to be relatively stable. However, if she continues to need support with breathing, she will need to return to the ICU. Seeing as they just transferred out of the ICU today, it would be nice to not have to return. It's hard to keep moving back and forth and it would be nice to be able to settle into a regular room.

We remember the doctor's words that transplant day itself is relatively uneventful. It's the first month post-transplant that proves the toughest. Ava's been through so much already, it's hard to imagine that she hasn't already been through the tough part, but we keep in mind that it continues to be an uphill battle while we wait for engraftment and pray against infection and GVHD.

Thank you for your intercession. I'll update more as I hear.

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