Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day -2: update #2

Cyclosporine is going okay today and TBI this morning went really well (thank You, Lord! And thank you for your prayers!) It feels like we're barreling toward transplant and it's hard to imagine it's right around the corner.

Please continue to pray for protection against infection. Viral infections are pretty bad to get, seeing as there really is no treatment and with no immune system to fight them off, things can turn pretty quickly. Gwen got a chance to play with Ava yesterday, but Gwen is now sick, so we pray that Ava was not exposed to her germs. Esther is still getting over her cold, so there's always the concern of unseen germs being spread from her as well. Being pregnant doesn't help Esther get over illness quickly, but we pray for God to do so here, as well as to protect Esther against future illness. Please also pray for Mike, who has been carrying the load of caring for Ava. He of course does it with great joy, humility and patient sacrifice, but it can be taxing to get up with her through the night to use the restroom and be the primary caregiver without much break at this point. Please pray for stamina, rest and health.

Thank you so much!

Update #1 (6pm):
Ava did really well with both TBI sessions today. Her hemoglobin's a little low, so she's getting pre-treated for red blood cells right now. We pray for no reaction! Thanks for standing with us.

Update #2 (12:15am):
Ava was pre-treated for her blood transfusion and was getting RBCs over 4 hours to minimize any possible reaction. Towards the end, she started reacting to it and was having really bad stomach pains in addition to blood in the urine and high blood pressure. Her pains were significantly decreased with morphine and her pressure went down as well. Still figuring out why she was having blood in her urine; thanks for your continued prayers!!

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SK said...

Kept you all in our prayers tonight. May everything go smoothly onFriday and may Ava begin her road to healing.