Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day -5: Updated

Ava continues to do well. She hasn't received the lipids yet today, so we'll let you know how it goes when she does.

TBI starts tomorrow; they will still try having Ava do it without any anesthesia, though they may keep her NPO the first time just in case. Once she starts TBI, there's no turning back; it's onward to transplant. This is because TBI is wiping out her immune system; it will not recover after TBI, so she will need the transplant to have immunity. With chemo, her immune system can recover after treatment, but not with TBI.

The cord blood arrived frozen and in good condition.

Esther may be coming down with something, so your prayers for health/quick recovery are appreciated, in addition to Ava not catching anything. The next several days will be pretty grueling, and it will be difficult for the Lee family if they aren't able to be together. We pray for no viruses present in Ava to cause any problems. Thank you!

Ava received her transfusion of lipids, and everything went well, praise God!

Tomorrow, Ava will have two sessions of TBI. She will be transported via cabulance to a different facility for radiation. Her sessions are at 8am and at 2pm. They will try seeing if Ava can be still for each 40 min session without anesthesia, so Ava will be NPO overnight (no eating/drinking) for the first TBI session. If all goes well, she can resume eating/drinking afterwards.

As always, thanks for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for update. .

Anonymous said...

As always the entire Lee Family is in my thoughts and prayers. go girl!
Chris Straszewski

Anonymous said...

Lee's Family, my heart and my prayers with you every day.