Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 4

Day 4: Still going strong. Doctors are so happy with the way she is handling everything! We feel those prayers, for sure!

As you can see from Esther's FB post and photo above, Ava is doing well! She ate a decent amount of food today, continuing to astonish the doctors. She had a little incident of bad stomach pains yesterday and hives, which were quickly managed with Benadryl and steroids. However, Ava will take a break from the lipids for a few days to see how things go. If she continues to eat well, maybe she won't even need them! (I don't know if the docs actually said that, but that's my interjection). Ava is willing to walk around and is generally in good spirits.

Ava started coughing a little bit today, which was a bit disconcerting to Mike & Esther. There's always the concern for bacterial/viral infection in the back of their minds. But the doctors aren't too concerned with it; they say that it's common for mucositis to cause a tickle in the throat so we'll see. Ava hasn't shown signs of mucositis inside her mouth, either, so it's hard to know for sure. As long as she doesn't develop any other symptoms like a runny nose or fever, she'll be good.

We know that God is good and faithful, even if Ava wasn't doing as well as she is right now. But we celebrate the answering of your many prayers and give thanks to God for these times. Thank you so much for your love!

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