Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day 9

Last night was a tough night. Nothing "especially bad"... it's just hard to fight cancer and persevere at it. Right?

We praise God for the way Ava has weathered all of this with grace, gentleness and humility, but it's a really tough road for these little feet to walk. The countless meds that are being put into Ava's body... the potential side effects as well as the actual side effects experienced... the unexplained effects that aren't attributed to a particular drug... the pain... the overall feeling of yuckiness... looking different... feeling different... not seeing loved ones if they're sick... being on contact isolation when Ava's sick (which means being confined to the hospital room, not even walking out in the hall)... being away from home... not getting to play and do things you enjoy... it can be overwhelming at times for any adult, much less a six-year-old.

Thank you for your continued prayer support, that Ava will be able to return home in full health! We pray for her to be cleared of all viruses soon so she can be taken off contact isolation. We pray for God to strengthen and encourage her spirit and to bring rest to her soul. Even with the mentioned "negatives", God always grants a positive to share:

(From Esther's FB):

Day 9: A beautiful Sunday morning with the whole family!
iPad fun with Gwen is always a treat for Ava.

We pray for many more beautiful mornings (and restful nights) for the Lee family, and for these sisters (and little bro-to-be) to enjoy countless treats together for years to come.

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