Thursday, November 13, 2014

Increased Liver Function Test

Ava was scheduled to start chemo at 10am (PST), however her labs this morning revealed elevated liver enzymes. When they first got her baseline levels a week ago, she was just a little elevated (70, with normal being 60). This morning her level was 500.

So, there is a delay right now as they are trying to figure out why her levels are up. One of the chemo agents she's supposed to get tomorrow is pretty liver toxic, so they don't want to administer that if Ava is showing signs of liver toxicity now. Ava is otherwise doing well and feeling great.

They are redrawing labs to make sure it wasn't some type of lab error, and Ava is also getting an ultrasound to make sure there isn't an obstruction somewhere. Ava's elevated levels seem to point to the Xolair since she just got that yesterday. But there isn't any data/reports on liver toxicity with Xolair... doesn't mean it couldn't happen; it looks like studies haven't been done to specifically evaluate that (in addition to the lack of reports of such adverse effects), so we will see. Thank you for joining us in praying for no liver toxicity and no delay in transplant. Ultimately, we continue to trust in God's wisdom and timing above our own. Not according to our will, but according to His.

It's been a difficult morning. A sweet lady that Mike & Esther met at the RMH is here for her daughter's treatment. They found out this morning that her daughter passed away yesterday. In addition, the person in the hospital room next door must be struggling to keep up the fight, as they are lots of people filing in and coming out with tears. It's a grim reminder of just how vicious this battle is. Please say a prayer for these families as well, that God might bring comfort, grace and healing. Pray against discouragement in spirit, but to continue walking by faith and not by sight. Thank you so much.

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