Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day -1

Thank you for your prayers. Ava recovered from last night; no more blood in the urine, blood pressure pretty much normal, with no more pain. Praise God!

Ava didn't really want to go through TBI again this morning, but once Mike laid her down, she cooperated the whole way. She's at her very last session of TBI as we speak.

Cyclosporine is going well, and Ava is demonstrating good food intake so she will not need TPN today.

There are so many moving parts and variables to take into account, what with viruses/germs to avoid, all the possible complications, etc. It can be very overwhelming to stop and think about. Thank you for your continued covering of prayer as we head into transplant tomorrow, and for your prayers for God's peace to guard the hearts and minds of the Lee family.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for "good news" of Ava doing well after last night.
We continue to approach His throne with humble & bold prayers.

Anonymous said...

Pray for no any infection.

Anonymous said...

prayers being sent. God Bless.