Saturday, November 15, 2014

From Esther

We have had some bad nights since Ava's diagnosis but tonight has left me shaken. After briefly falling asleep, I awoke to Ava vomiting profusely. I went to get the nurse and when we came back together, we noticed Ava's eyes were deviated to the side and she did not respond to anyone's call for attention. My sweet girl who loves me with everything she's got wouldn't look in my direction when I called and would not respond to my voice. It is a very broken feeling when you know you are helpless to save your child from suffering. Ava is resting peacefully in the ICU now while a myriad of tests are being preformed to find the cause of her seizure. Thank you for your prayers. They cover us especially when we are too weak to cry out for ourselves. I love my girl. Thank you for loving her too.

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