Thursday, November 13, 2014

Updates from Facebook

Some posts from Facebook:

November 11th:
Tonight is the last night before going into the hospital to begin the transplant process. I held Ava close and relished having my baby in my arms. The thought of subjecting her to all that is to come makes my insides turn, so I choose to focus on how grateful I am for moments like these when we can lay in the stillness of the night and appreciate life to the fullest. 
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November 12th:
Holding Ava down while she gets injections will never ever get easier. Xolair (anti Ige medication) administered. Now praying for no reaction.

November 13th:
On the way to get an ultrasound. Ava's liver function test came back very high so they are holding chemo until they can find out the cause. Please pray it is nothing serious and that we can stay on schedule for transplant.

November 13th:
The doctors decided to go ahead with the chemo fludarabine and watch her liver function levels before administering cytoxin tomorrow. (Cytoxin is drug that is known to bother the liver.)

Ava had a reaction to either the fludarabine or her anti-fungal medicine micofungin. She received benedryl and her hives have gone down considerably. Neither drugs are known to cause allergic reactions so we are reminded of Ava's special circumstance battling both cancer and severe allergies due to her IgE issues. Thank you for your prayers that things will stay on schedule despite the various setbacks this morning.


Suzann Audi said...

We are praying for Ava daily. Thank you for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Esther, so grateful for your post. We continually remember Ava and all of you in prayer. So encouraged and humbled by your faith and Ava's joy and perseverance. love, SK.