Monday, November 17, 2014

Day -4

Is it just me, or does it not seem possible that Ava is going to get a transplant this Friday??? I'm counting down on these blog posts, but the numbers don't seem like they can be that low...!

Ava's first session of TBI went really well; she was brave and good about laying there as needed. And, more importantly, she's willing to do it again! It's not easy for a little girl to lay still for 40 minutes. I dare say many adults would struggle to do the same. Ava should be in the midst of her second TBI session now.

We're glad for the opportunity to go without anesthesia, and most thankful for all of your love, support and prayers. Just 6 more sessions of TBI to go... let them be as smooth as this morning!

From Esther's FB:

Tell me, girl. How do you stay so positive?

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Anonymous said...

No, not just you, I'm counting down with you. I believe many others do the same. Praise God and keep praying...