Monday, March 10, 2014

A New Day

Good morning! Today is a new day and I wanted to thank God for every good thing so that my heart practices thankfulness even in times of suffering.

God is good! I thank him for,

1) All the friends and family that have rallied around us with a love and support that has even overwhelmed the hospital!  They have made comments about the amount of visitors, toys, meals and other services people have been showering us with in the past week. We are even getting messages from people who have never met us saying that they are praying for our family. Thank you for your unceasing prayers and for every thing you have done for us.

2) The prayer and fasting chain that has been started to pray for Ava's health and for Complete Remission from this nasty cancer.

3) Ava having a wonderful day yesterday and for showing us her beautiful smile and chattering away like her normal self. We had so much fun playing yesterday. She ate lots of food without throwing up and her back pain is almost gone.

4) For everyone sending in smiles and joy whether through email, letters, facebook, videos, visits, etc.

5) For all the good food that has been dropped off for us. I must have lost 10 pounds that first week but now I am on my way to filling out my pants again! ;)

6) For Ava's pediatrician and allergist who are also believers and are constantly thinking about ways to help Ava. I saw their hearts break for us when they were told the news. In fact, I asked the doctors to call Ava's pediatrician the first night we found out. It was 1:00 in the morning but I knew that she wouldn't care. After contacting her and talking with her, I felt so much peace knowing that we immediately had someone on our side thinking and praying for her. Ava's allergist also called right away and we have been talking to both doctors ever since. They have been wonderful in providing the medical history for Ava since she was under their care since she was a baby.  They have seen us through the thick and thin of Ava's past and we always felt blessed by that.

7) Ava has been looking relatively healthy and the nurses have made comments on how wonderful she looks despite chemotherapy! When she is in a good mood, she is her usual sweet self. In her dark moments, she's a little monster but we thank God for even those moments. ;)

8) That her numbers are going down quickly showing that this treatment is working effectively at eradicating her white blood cells.

9) Ava's hair is still in tact and we find joy in combing it every day. We cherish every bath and every chance we get to touch her hair. We hope and pray that she will one day see her long beautiful hair again.

10) The weather is so nice and we get a great view of the city from here. Normally, I wait in anticipation for Spring. This year, I was slightly bummed that Spring was happening while we were stuck in a hospital room. But I am thankful because that means when we leave we will be able to enjoy the fresh air!

Thank you for praying with us that God would heal Ava! We humbly ask for continued prayers not only for her but for all kids suffering from any type of cancer.


larry said...

good news, you missed no part of spring (except today, maybe)

Chris Straszewski said...

Ava…That cookie looks delicious and your smile is shining bright! Stay strong