Friday, March 14, 2014

What to Say?

Patty here... (just so you know)

I must confess that it's sometimes hard to know what to write, how to update. Even if there was information to share, it sometimes seems strange to just post it -- as if it were a business memo that needed to be disseminated. Of course it's much more than "business"... we are talking about Ava's life here. Maybe it's in the quiet of surrender, when you realize you have no answers and no control over life, that all you can do is just be silent.

Ava continues to be on broad-spectrum antibiotics as the blood cultures continue to grow out. Her hair loss has been so difficult for her to accept. Even with hope, it's hard for Esther not to struggle through this, and Mike has been feeling the pain as well. I'm sure that's an understatement. Esther will try to update some more tonight, though she is feeling rather drained. You know she will update when she is able.

Prayer requests:

  1. Please pray that Ava's blast numbers go down. The doctors admit that it's unusual and concerning that they haven't gone down more, but they are still hopeful for a favorable outcome.
  2. Please pray for God's divine wisdom and hand to guide the medical team regarding Ava's treatment. What will be the next step if this AML treatment doesn't work? What will be the next step if it does work?
  3. Please pray for Ava's neck pain. She continues to periodically and randomly complain of neck pain in a specific spot at the back of her neck that is unrelated to fevers. Because the doctors don't feel anything in that area and the spinal tap revealed no cancer cells in the spinal fluid, they are reluctant to do a CT scan and expose Ava to even more radiation. Please pray that the pain would resolve without any intervention and not be associated with anything further.
  4. Please pray for Ava to be comforted about her hair loss and to know that her beauty is unrelated to her outward appearance. Thank you.
If you would allow me to speak "off the record" a bit... each of you has played (and is playing) a cherished role in supporting Mike & Esther and their family on this journey. All your prayers lifted on their behalf; your gestures of love, whether big or small, recognized or unrecognized, are what enables them to continue forth. They thank God for each and every one of you. Yet even as family and friends, we are only able to walk with them so far. There are portions of this journey we cannot walk with them, and that is to be expected. But your continued notes of encouragement are able to provide great strength to them even when they must walk those lonelier segments, so thank you for not ceasing to pray for them, and not ceasing to comment and let them know you are thinking of them, even if you don't have anything more to say than that. While Mike & Esther can't really take a break from this journey they are on, it encourages them to know you are still reading and choose to sojourn with them in spirit. Thank you for choosing to stay with them.

I don't really like to mention my name on posts or write too much "from me" since it's not about me at all; but I know we are in agreement in our desire to support the Lee family, and I therefore count it a privilege to partner with each of you in doing just that. Mike & Esther thank you for your unceasing prayers and support!


Anonymous said...

Constantly praying for little ava <3

Jason said...

Patty, what you are doing here also deserves appreciation. Thanks for your efforts as we continue to pray for Ava.

Jenny Lin Gao said...

Patty: thank you for doing this! Even for your journey, we are not always be with side-by-side...but our hearts are together....thank you!

Heather Rocen said...

I appreciate your sharing of information even when you don't have an update. It is nice to e able to hop on and see what is going on. The not knowing how ava is is gut wrenching. Thank you for checking in with us, Ava has quiet the fan club.