Monday, March 10, 2014

In Good Spirits

Today was a really good day. Every day she smiles, eats, laughs, and sings is a WIN! Her numbers continue to go down and she is almost at a 0 count for her WBC. We want these blood cells to be completely gone so that her marrow can begin producing good cells again. The medical staff has been teaching us how to care for Ava at home including how to keep her PICC line clean. The PICC line is simply an IV line that is surgically placed in her arm and up through the vein to her heart. This makes it easy for nurses to draw labs and administer chemotherapy. Although it is an easy entryway for all the good stuff, it is also very easy to get nasty germs that cause infections. Complications from infections can become serious and life threatening. In fact, many kids succumb not to the Leukemia itself but to secondary infections that have occurred from the body's lack of an immune system.

Ava received a blood transfusion today and did not react from it like we thought she had when she was transfused the first time. Instead, she watched a movie through the whole transfusion and ate lunch! =) We had a special surprise today--Ella Joy was on our floor! Ella Joy has also been fighting cancer the past few months. Ava and Ella Joy were friends prior to their diagnoses and I can see how they will be a great source of comfort and encouragement to each other as they continue the fight! For example, seeing Ella Joy drink her water so consistently motivated Ava to do the same. Water is very important because it flushes out the nasty toxins that the chemo introduces to the body. Chemotherapy is a funny thing because while it destroys the bad cells, it also wreaks havoc on the good ones so staying hydrated and flushing them out is critical. 

Ava continues to be in great spirits and we are filled to the brim with joy when we see her doing so well! We will also find out whether or not Gwen is a match within the next few days so we anticipate some more singing and dancing when the doctors announce that Gwen is a perfect match! I'm praying fervently for this but even more that Ava wouldn't need a BMT after all is said and done. ;)

We will have to learn a new normal when we get home which includes good hand washing,  sanitizing constantly, limiting visitors, restricting our time outside the house, and many others I'm sure. Thank you to everyone who played a part in making these past two weeks bearable and for also making the transition home a welcome one!

Please continue to pray that:

1) Ava would stay free of infection for her whole chemo treatment. It is unheard of to stay completely infection free but we ask God for his protection over Ava for the next few months.

2) The doctors would work swiftly to see if there is a possible link between allergies and leukemia so that we might know whether or not to use Gwen's bone marrow if she does match.

3) That we might be able to find a 100% unrelated donor match if it comes to that. Caucasians have an easier time matching for some reason. Asians don't have as great a chance and especially kids that are of mixed heritage. We still pray in faith that Ava would have a great match if a bone marrow transplant is needed.

4) That God would be glorified through this whole process and that one day this will be a distant memory and that God would use Ava's story to do something great for other people's faith.

We love you and we are thankful for you!!


Heather Rocen said...

Excellent News! My prayers will not stop.

ces said...

Praise God!!!! SO happy to hear that Ava is doing so well, all things considered!