Thursday, March 20, 2014

Interviews Today

I don't know how the evening went for Ava, and I don't have any lab results from today yet. However, I know that Be the Match Walk/Run as well as their Media will be talking with the Lee family today to get some information about Ava's story in hopes of getting the word out! If you are interested in joining Team Ava Bright on Saturday, April 12th for the 1K/5K walk/run (there's also a Tot Trot for 5 yrs and under), you can do so here.

Mike & Esther are also planning to join a little private party for the oncology floor patients/families sometime today (not sure if it happened already), though I'm not sure if Ava will be able to visit as she is on another floor.

We hope that as Ava's story is spread, more and more people will be encouraged to join the marrow registry and potentially save a life! I'll post more as I hear. Thanks for your prayers.

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