Monday, March 3, 2014

Prayer requests

Praise God that Ava's white blood count (WBC) went to 40K, down from the 100K yesterday.


1) Ava received a blood transfusion this morning and is scheduled for a spinal tap at noon.
 Pray for protection against any infection - any needle stick can pose a risk, even if it may be considered a low risk. Pray also for peace for all of them during the procedure. 

2) Ava is starting to have headaches, stomachaches and feeling irritable, probably from the chemo. Please pray for relief and for God's peace to guard Mike & Esther's hearts & minds in Christ Jesus as they witness Ava go through these things.

Thank you.

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Christine Moffat said...

I will prayer specifically for Ava and your family as I follow this journey. I know our Father in Heaven is mindful of your family and knows each of us individually -- our hopes, desires and needs. We do not always know why trials of health and faith come, but I believe we are not alone. Please know that my love and prayers are with you. Love, Christine Moffat