Monday, March 3, 2014

Projected Course and How to Help

UPDATE - please click on "Ways to Help" on the Toolbar across the top to access this information.

So, how can you help?

1. Pray - Our God can do greater things in one word than we can do in a lifetime corporately. Pray for Ava's health; Esther & Mike's health, stamina and rest. Ultimately, God will be the source of Ava's healing, not chemotherapy. So our hope rests in God.

2. Sign up to provide tangible help - While we were hoping to centralize sign ups in one place, it seems that we can better accomplish certain things through two different sign-ups:

a) See this Google doc to sign up for meals to be delivered to the hospital, provide childcare or other services, or for ideas to offer tangible encouragement.

b) For HOME-DELIVERED MEALS ONLY, please see to sign up. Search for "lee" and the password is "bora". You do not need to create an account to sign up for a meal. However, when signing up, you have the option of indicating your phone number and/or email address (hyperlinked to your name) to receive a reminder email.

3. Monetary donations - Many of you have asked how you can best contribute financially to the Lee family. Chase QuickPay may be the best method. You do not need to bank with Chase in order to transfer money into their account, and they will be able to see whom the funds come from. The service is free, but you do need to set up a Chase QuickPay account in order to do so. Go to and click on the "Chase QuickPay FAQs" link found further below the image of the laptop to find out how to sign up. All you need to know is Esther's gmail account in order to transfer funds.

4. Leave a comment for the Lee family - Feel free to leave comments, encouraging messages, prayers, etc here on this blog, as it will give Mike & Esther a central place to read them when they get a chance without being bombarded with text notifications or emails. ;) Don't forget that AVA also LOVES to hear from you, and I'm sure Gwen is no different! Send a greeting, share a joke, anything that is from your heart.


J said...

Dear Mike, Esther, keeping you Ava and Gwen in my thoughts and prayers. I heard about the news from my cousin Simon. Please give my well wishes to the rest of the Lee family as well.

an old EFCON friend

Teyen Chou said...

I would like to make a financial donation but I do not know Esther's email or able to do QuickPay. Is there another way or possibly just mail a check over? Thanks!

jaemom said...

Hi, Tenyen. Thank you for your support. Yes, you can just mail a check to them. Do you have their mailing address?