Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Little Trooper

This was taken a few days ago by the medical staff
for Mike & Esther.

Thank you for your continued prayers for little Ava.


cindy kang said...

Such an amazing sweet little girl!

Mama Slice said...

We love you Ava!! Elizabeth misses seeing her "little Ava" around Awana.

David said...

Ava, we are sorry and shocked to know you are joining David in the same battle. You will be a brave and best trooper! David is your guide and buddy!

Daddy and David

Margaret Bennett said...

Hi Little Ava!! Stay strong!! Think of you everyday! We are sending lots of love to you.

Margaret, Chris, Nolan & Frodo Bennett

beksnum2 said...

Go Ava! You're so brave! I'm praying for you Ava. Stay strong little sis!