Thursday, March 6, 2014

No update yet

I haven't talked with Mike or Esther tonight yet; hopefully they are sleeping!

I do know that Gwen had an allergist appointment this afternoon to have her skin looked at. Her eczema has been pretty bad recently (not sure if it's related to her food allergies or not), so prayers for Gwen's health during this time are also appreciated. Thank you again to everyone who has cared for and played with her during the hospital stay. I know Mike and Esther have been so amazed at all the meal deliveries and childcare provided. It is way beyond anything they expected or even imagined. Thank you again.

They found a hair cutter for Ava, so thanks to everyone who reached out! Ava's still feeling pretty anxious about losing her hair so she waffles back and forth about getting it cut. I don't know if there's a hair appointment set up yet, but you can pray that God would give Ava peace and comfort about what's ahead regarding any changes in her outward appearance.


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JVanHeest said...

Hi. I was in the cradle talk group with Esther when Ava was born. I've been praying for them and am heartbroken that they have to go through this. My sons and I also have bad eczema so if you would like any ideas or tips on things that could help, let me know. We go to a specialist up in Northbrook because it gets so bad. I do know that times of uncertainty, nervousness and change can make it worse. My email is if you would like some (hopefully) new ideas to help calm it down. Jen