Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chemo Day 7

I'd like to first say that I changed the comment settings on the blog. I didn't realize that they were set to only allow registered users to comment. (Sorry! I'm a newbie to this blog creating thing...heh heh). But now the settings are such that anyone is able to leave a comment.

Today was a good day for Ava. She was able to completely stand up straight on her own without pain. Hooray, thank You, God! (Thank you all for praying). She felt well enough to make a jewelry box, hang out and watch some movies. It appears that if Ava is in one position for too long, she experiences more pain when moving again, so she is encouraged to try walking at least 3 times a day.

They also had an unexpected visitor from a family friend - someone who is an AML survivor! She was able to talk to Ava about losing her hair and give her other encouragement and advice, such as making sure she stays hydrated and gets some exercise. What a blessing. Gwen also enjoyed spending time at a playground with Mike and some relatives as well, and many friends came through and provided all kinds of support. Esther continues to cough, so please pray for the whole family's health and stamina.

The outpouring of love that Mike & Esther have received through this ordeal is like nothing they've ever experienced. The community of friends and family that has rallied around them buoys their spirits and reminds them that they are not alone. It is even more evidence that God is still present, and His faithful love is real. They feel the effects of prayers being lifted up on their behalf. They have also received acts of kindness from 'random' strangers -- (not that they think anything is 'random'), which is something they don't fully comprehend but thank God for.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Interestingly, we can't even take credit for the prayers we utter, as if it was work we "do" to "accomplish" anything (although it is still a decision on our part to actually pray). It is God who hears, and God who answers. We often hear the phrase, "there is power in prayer." I understand what is meant by that, but it seems more accurate to say, "we can see God's power through prayer." The power lies in God, not in the prayer itself. This power isn't merely His great might, but is also His great love. Our prayers have weight because He loves us, and this love is available for every person regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey. There is something wonderful about prayer that draws us near to a God who is rich in love and mercy. When we reach that place of knowing that we have no control over anything, we position ourselves in such a way that allows God to show us wonderful and unsearchable things we never imagined He could or would be willing to do. So keep praying, friends. He hears, He loves, and He wants to show us wonderful things.


p.s. This is probably too late for most of you, but remember to change your clocks to reflect the end of daylight savings time!


David said...

Hooray! Today at Church, David asked me in my ears to tell Ava Leukemia is a piece of cake! Esther and Mike, surely this invisible monster Leukemia is beatable, brave Ava will surprise you winning the tough battle in the end!

David and Daddy

Heather Rocen said...

I will gladly take on Esther's cough so she doesn't have to worry.

Thank you for the update. We continue to pray for a healthy Ava, Gwen, Esther, and Mike.