Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Good News-ish

So while we are on this rollercoaster ride, how about some good news? Ava's blasts "unexplainably" went down to 13% today! Wow! They are certainly puzzled by this, as they don't typically see further decrease this far out (and what a jump down!) However, they are still planning on going with ALL treatment next, unless perhaps the blasts go down to 5% or lower. If Ava's blasts go down this low, they feel it demonstrates enough reason for them to stick with the AML treatment. Until then, they plan on switching to ALL treatment next.

On another note, they are wondering if Ava's fever is due to a possible fungal infection, so she has been started on meds for that. Unfortunately, one of the lesser common side effects of the antifungal is photophobia, which means that it's REALLY painful for Ava to keep her eyes open due to hypersensitivity to light. Even with the lights off in the room, Ava was complaining that it was too bright and could barely squint. It's to the point that her eyes sting and her eyes water a lot. Thankfully this supposedly a transient thing, but it's still pretty uncomfortable and she's supposed to get the antifungal twice a day, so thank you for your prayers in that regard.

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Anonymous said...

I pray from the bottom of my heart for Ava and her family.