Saturday, March 15, 2014

Update of sorts

I spoke with Mike tonight. The last temp that was taken showed no fever - however, I don't know when that was in relation to when the previous temp was taken, or in relation to any meds given for fever, but let's pray that this is an upward trend!

Thankfully, by the evening, Ava seemed to be in fairly cheerful spirits, demonstrating appetite and initiative to drink water to stay hydrated. Because of her cold, she isn't allowed in the halls to prevent spreading any respiratory ailments to other patients. So, she's spent some good time making crafts and trying to be creative about passing the time in the hospital room.

Some of her pain may be related to laying around/being in one position too much, so they are trying to get her to walk some more. She's been able to gingerly walk around the room a bit today, but needs some coaxing to do so.

I'm guessing what they may be looking for in order to discharge home:
1) resolution of fever
2) clean blood cultures, with no bacteria

Not sure if there are any other specifics, but we can at least pray for those things (among the "regular list")! Thanks!

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