Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anaphylaxis - Please Pray

Good morning, friends -

When receiving a platelet infusion this morning, Ava had an anaphylactic reaction and was administered the Epi-Pen. Her WBC is at 1600 this morning (still not at zero), and the concerning portion of the blood count is that her blasts have not gone down, but have actually increased from 50% to 60%. (The blasts are understood to be linked to her leukemia cells).

It was really, really difficult for Esther to witness Ava go through this; it's hard to fully comprehend what anaphylaxis looks like until you've experienced it. But little Ava wanted to be sure her dad knew just how brave she was, that she didn't even cry when receiving the Epi injection.

Five hours ago, we thought Ava was going home today. At this point, Ava will not be discharged today, but they will remain at the hospital for a few more days.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. We'll keep you updated.


Edit: (From Esther's FB)

"This morning, Ava anaphylaxed to her platelet transfusion and needed an epi. It has set us back in some ways and now we won't be leaving the hospital for another few days. Seeing her through the reaction was too much for this mama's heart. How much can a heart handle? Shedding tears for my baby who is far braver than I could ever be. Please pray for Ava Bright Lee. We need a miracle."


Sarah Morishita said...

Dear Lee family, Our hearts are hurting alongside yours. We pray for you every night at dinner. Sending big time hugs. May the Lord surround you all with His care and comfort. And may he bring his healing hand to Ava. xoxoxoxo

John Ho said...

I am praying for Ava right now. Hoping she getting better