Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Not a Match...

Just found out that Gwen's bone marrow is not a match for Ava (don't know details).

In times like these, I can't help thinking that when Christ was crucified on the cross, His disciples could not comprehend what was happening. They witnessed Him perform miracles and believed Him to be the Messiah He said He was. So how could He be crucified? How could this happen? Yet they had no idea that He would rise again in 3 days, and His death and resurrection would be the very thing that brings salvation to the world, to all who believe.

I understand that not everyone is in the same place on their spiritual journey, but we pray and trust that God is working something even greater than we can see/comprehend right now, just as He did with Christ.



Heather Rocen said...

When you find out more information, please know there are many many many of us who would be willing to do the Bone Marrow Test. Not sure how it works or what the process is but we will take the test. Praying for them all.

jaemom said...

Hi, Heather. Thanks for asking. We are discussing a Bone Marrow Drive. Someone also shared that Be the Match will have a Walk/Run in Chicago on April 12th. People will be able to join the registry on site at the event. We are still figuring out how which way(s) to best proceed and will communicate that when we can. Thank you for your love and support!

Jenny Lin Gao said...

I have experienc in organizing local marrow drive event, please let me know if you need more help. Also, per my most recent update, the blood sample collection can be handled in a very easy and safe way by donor himself/herserlf, thanks for the technology advacement in this field: it's chip based device, being mailed directly to donor showing interest to register. following the instruction, collect the teeny tiny sample, then mail it out. the profile will be analyzed and your marrow type will be registered in the database. The biggest advantage of this option will be: schedule and place flexibility.

In any event, I would like to help. Patty has my cell phone number and email address.