Thursday, March 6, 2014

More Business

Just a couple things to communicate this morning:

First, I want to say that Mike & Esther in NO way expect or request your financial help. They covet your prayers above all else. Yet because many of you have asked or weighed in about helping them financially, we have responded to your desire to bless them in this manner.

1. Check donation - several of you have asked about sending checks to Mike & Esther. If you need their home address, please contact Angie at: 

This information has also been updated under "Ways to Help."

2. Hospital meal delivery and childcare - If you have signed up to watch Gwen or to deliver a meal to the hospital, please contact Angie at the email address above. In the event we need to contact you about anything, this will be a great help. The Google doc has been updated to reflect this also. Leaving your phone # as many have done helps Mike/Esther get in touch with you the day of if necessary.

Thank you!


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